Small Business (SB) Program

Small Business (SB) Program for Non-Federally funded contracts Overview

The main objective of this program is to encourage and facilitate full and equitable participation by Small Businesses in BART construction, procurement, and service contracts and agreements that are awarded through competitive process. This program applies only to BART's non-federally funded contracts. As appropriate, the SB Program seeks to achieve these objectives on four levels:

1. BART’s award of Contracts and Agreements to SBs

2. The award of First Tier Subcontracts to SBs by Prime Contractors, Suppliers, and Consultants

3. The award to Second Tier Subcontractors by First Tier Subcontractors

4. SB prime contractors for designated contracts under $10M and prime contractors who meet the small business subcontracting participation goals on designated contracts over $10M will be eligible to receive a preference of up to 5% of the lowest responsible bid.

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