Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) - Lake Merritt

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Project Update

BART plans to release a solicitation for developers to pursue transit-oriented development (TOD) at the Lake Merritt BART station.  The solicitation is scheduled to be released the week of February 26, 2018. Prior to solicitation, BART has been brainstorming and refining a list of goals and objectives with stakeholders, drafts of which are provided below. These are guided by existing documents including BART TOD policies and guidelines and the Lake Merritt Station Area Specific Plan .  

Lake Merritt Site Overview

Community Engagement

Lake Merritt Stakeholder Meeting #1Lake Merritt Stakeholder Meeting #1

Stakeholder Meeting #1

Presentations from the December 11th Stakeholder Committee Meeting, can be found below:

Lake Merritt BART Station Transit Oriented Development--Stakeholder Committee Meeting #1 Presentation

Economic and Market Conditions (EPS)

Goals & Objectives Brainstorm Boards

Stakeholder Comments on Objective Boards

Stakeholder Meeting #2 

Materials from the January 29, 2018 Stakeholder Committee Meeting can be found below:

Lake Merritt BART Station Transit Oriented Development - Stakeholder Committee Meeting #2 Presentation

Draft Goals and Objectives

Stakeholder Meeting #3 

Materials from the Febrary 22, 2018 Stakeholder Committee Meeting can be found below:

Stakeholder Meeting Agenda

Revised Draft Goals and Objectives with Highlighted Changes from Meeting #2

Sign Up for Updates

For specific inquiries regarding transit-oriented development at Lake Merritt BART Station, please email hlindel (at) bart (dot) gov or ymccoy (at) bart (dot) gov.  You may also sign up for email updates from the Real Estate and Property Development Department, by registering for general BART emails and selecting "Transit-Oriented Development Projects."