TOD Guidelines and Procedures

Transit-Oriented Development Guidelines and Procedures

BART’s Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Guidelines are intended to provide greater clarity around BART’s expectations for TOD, both on its property and within the larger station area.  There are mPleasant Hill Transit-Oriented Developmentany audiences for this work:

  • BART’s partner cities and local jurisdictions seeking guidance on developing transit-supportive station area plans;
  • Developers interested in understanding expectations for future TOD solicitations on BART’s properties;
  • Community members wanting to understand when and how they can get involved in shaping TOD near BART stations; and
  • Others wondering about BART’s future intentions for its properties, and wanting to understand BART’s TOD Policy.

BART has released its final TOD Guidelines supporting Board adoption of the 2016 TOD Policy, which can be downloaded below.

To ensure this document references the most current set of BART’s policies and procedures, relevant additional materials have been included in ten appendices.  All of the following documents are in pdf form:

TOD Guidelines (Compressed to 6 MB)

TOD Guidelines (41 MB - Print Quality)

In August 2019, the BART Board adopted an amendment to the Transit-Oriented Development policy that provides further guidance on how BART will receive and process unsolicited proposals for developent on BART-owned property. The TOD Guidelines have not been updated to reflect this change. However you may download the unsolicited proposals procedures document.


A. BART TOD Policy
B. TOD Performance Targets
C. BART Affordable Housing Policy
D. The Internal BART TOD Approvals Process (forthcoming)
E. BART’s Station Access Policy
F. BART Multimodal Access Design Guidelines
G. BART Facilities Standards: Architecture: Passenger Station Sites Chapter (as of January 2016)
H. Policies Guiding BART Customer Parking: Overview, 2013 Pricing Resolution, 2017 Board Presentation
I. Project Stabilization Resolution
J. BART Strategic Plan: Connect & Create Great Places 4-Year Work Plan (2016-2020)
K. Station Renaming Application Overview Memo