Antioch Station Access Improvements

Improvements on BART property

Multimodal access improvements at Antioch Station

Since the BART to Antioch project opened on May 25, 2018, ridership has exceeded expectations. The Antioch Station experiences around 3,050 daily exits, doubling the original forecast. This success has resulted in full occupancy of the 1,038 parking spaces by 6 A.M. on weekdays and a waitlist of 1,700 patrons for parking permits. In addition, passengers being dropped off or picked up often impede buses accessing the station. To respond to this demand, BART staff was directed at the December 6, 2018 board meeting to improve station access consistent with the adopted Station Access Policy (2016).

Multimodal access improvements include:

  • Addition of an 850-space parking lot
  • Improved passenger pick-up/drop-off and transit circulation
  • Improved wayfinding for pedestrians, cyclists, transit passengers, and drivers
  • Relocated bike parking

Construction on these access improvements are expected to begin early 2020 and open for use early 2021.

For more information, please contact: Ric Rattray, Extensions Capital Projects, at

Improvements on local streets

The City of Antioch is leading implementation of a multi-use path on Slatten Ranch Road from Hillcrest Avenue to the Antioch BART station entrance in partnership with BART, Caltrans and Contra Costa County. Construction is expected to start spring 2020 and will last six months.

For more information, please contact the City of Antioch’s Public Works Department:

Market study for pedestrian-bicycle crossing of Highway 4

BART staff was directed at the December 6, 2018 Board meeting to conduct a market study for a pedestrian-bicycle crossing to the south of the Antioch station.

BART administered a written and online survey in English and Spanish and received input from over 150 people who live within ¾ of mile of the station. The input is being summarized and will be used for a broader market study.

For more information, please contact: Kamala Parks, Senior Station Planner, at