Berkeley-El Cerrito Corridor Access Plan


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BART is helping address the housing and climate crises by fulfilling state, regional, and local goals to build housing around El Cerrito Plaza, North Berkeley and Ashby stations as transit-oriented developments (TOD). These TODs will result in roughly 2,500 new mixed-income apartments that maximize housing near transit, improving sustainable transportation options to work, school, and recreation for people of all abilities and income levels. People who live close to transit tend to drive less, improving traffic safety and lowering greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. This plan, which is funded by California’s Department of Transportation (Caltrans), is focused on developing strategies along the Richmond line that more equitably distribute BART’s investments in walking, rolling, biking, riding transit, driving, and parking.

The Berkeley-El Cerrito Corridor Access Plan provides a rare opportunity to comprehensively analyze how residents in Berkeley, El Cerrito, Richmond, Albany, Kensington, Emeryville, and Oakland who currently drive and park at the stations could access BART along the corridor. It will balance the need for BART-rider parking, which is expensive and uses a lot of space, with transportation options that enhance community vibrancy and safety. This approach is universally supported by locally adopted community plans and policies as well as BART’s Station Access and TOD policies and performance metrics, which can be accessed here.


Berkeley-El Cerrito Corridor Access Plan Study Area map

Approach and Objectives

The BECCAP will approach its analysis with these three primary inputs:

  • Policies and plans: Extensive review of and alignment with adopted plans and policies
  • Engagement: Robust collaboration with municipalities, community members, and riders 
  • Analysis: Thorough analysis of each neighborhood’s context and transportation options for getting to and from BART stations along the corridor

The BECCAP will provide the following results:

  • A proposed set of access and parking management strategies for BART, cities, and other agencies along the corridor that can be put in place at the time of TOD construction
  • An understanding of access options that grow BART ridership in such a way that minimizes subsidies from BART’s operating budget in order to improve transit riders’ experience while meeting equity and sustainability goals
  • Parameters for the amount of space BART customer parking replacement

It is important to note that this work will not focus on specific access and circulation plans for individual BART stations. Station access plans will be funded by the TOD developers as part of the pre-development work at each station.

Work on the BECCAP began in January of 2021 and is expected to conclude fall of 2022.

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