TOD - El Cerrito Plaza

Transit-Oriented Development - El Cerrito Plaza Station

Project Background

BART Planning, Development, and Construction Staff are pleased to announce that El Cerrito Plaza is the next station where we plan to advance Transit-Oriented Development (TOD).  We are working closely with the City of El Cerrito to publish a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a development partner in Spring/Summer 2020. Our goal is to partner with a developer in early Summer/Fall 2020 and begin the process of community outreach, design, and entitlement with the City of El Cerrito. See below for some preliminary information about the El Cerrito Plaza site and a schedule for upcoming community meetings to stay involved.

The project is aligned with the City of El Cerrito’s San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan Update (ongoing), El Cerrito’s Strategic and Economic Development Action Plans, and BART’s Strategic Plan which states, “In partnership with the communities BART serves, we will promote transit ridership and enhance the quality of life by encouraging and supporting transit-oriented development within walking distance of BART stations.”

2019 El Cerrito Plaza Station Access Survey

BART conducted a survey in January 2019 to capture and reflect the opinion of daily/frequent BART riders. For this reason, flyers were handed to people coming and going from the station during the morning and midday peaks, and posted flyers around the station. This survey was never intended as a neighborhood, regional, or city-wide endeavor.

This survey does not provide a comprehensive view of travel behavior and relies on stated preference and stated behaviors instead of observed behaviors. It is intended to guide the development of potential strategies and community outreach efforts.

To view more detail about the survey methodology and findings, please click here.

Community Outreach

BART staff are excited to bring this upcoming development project forward to the community for comment and input.  We are currently taking input on Goals and Objectives, which will be included in RFQ for consideration by developers and will form the criteria for evaluating proposals.  At upcoming meetings in Fall 2019, BART will take further input and refine recommendations for Parking Replacement and Sustainable Access Strategies for the new development. 

Below is a schedule of recent and upcoming meetings:

  • July 27 and 29, 2019 – San Pablo Avenue Plan Workshops

  • August 14 2019 – El Cerrito Plaza TOD Open House

    • Thanks to everyone who came out to join BART to learn more and provide input on Parking Replacement and Access Strategies for TOD

    • To view materials from the meeting, please click here

  • October 3 2019Community Open House

    • When:  Thursday, October 3rd from 6:30 to 8:30 PM 
    • Where:  Hana Gardens Senior Center, 10870 San Pablo Avenue
    • What:  BART staff was on hand to answer questions related to the development process and talk about issues related to parking, transportation, and access
    • To view materials from the meeting, please click here
  • November 19 2019 – El Cerrito City Council Meeting
  • January 9 2020 – BART Board Meeting
  • Spring/Summer 2020 – Publish RFQ

  • Summer/Fall 2020 – Select Developer and enter into Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA)

  • 2020 and ongoing – Community Outreach, Design, and Entitlement process

Community Feedback Summary

BART is committed to listening to the concerns of the greater El Cerrito community as we move ahead with issuing a Request for Qualifications for a development partner and begin the design and approvals process in 2020.  So far, BART staff have conducted surveys of El Cerrito Plaza BART riders in early 2019, held an in-station open house during evening commute hours in August 2019, and hosted an open house event with the City Of El Cerrito in October 2019.  Additionally, staff has participated in El Cerrito-led San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan Workshops in July, 2019 and presented at City Council meetings on February 5, 2019 and November 19, 2019.

This document summarizes the themes that have risen to the surface when speaking to the community about issues related to development, parking, and access.  BART looks forward to continuing this conversation with the El Cerrito community in 2020.

Site Overview

The BART properties offered for development are depicted in the aerial map below.  Exact dimensions and acreage to be confirmed as part of RFQ process.  These are the current BART surface parking lots. BART will be conducting engagement in 2019 and 2020 to help inform decisions about the level of replacement parking for BART patrons that will be provided in the TOD project, and whether other access investments could help ensure access for customers who park at the station today. No decisions about replacement parking levels will be made until after a developer is selected, the community is involved, and a feasible project concept is created.

Map of El Cerrito transit oriented development

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