Environmental Documents

Notice of Availability (NOA) of Final Environmental Impact Report for the BART to Livermore Extension Project 

Notice of Availability

Final Project Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)

Response to Comments Cover and Title Page

Response to Comments Table of Contents

BART to Livermore Acronym List

Response to Comments: Intro

Response to Comments: List of Commenters

Response to Comments: Master Responses

Response to Comments: Agency

Response to Comments: Local

Response to Comments: Organizations

Response to Comments: Individuals

Response to Comments: Public Hearings

Response to Comments: Draft EIR Revisions

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Draft Environmental Impact Report

              Volume I

              Volume II

              Volume III

2012 Notice of Preparation (NOP)

2012 Scoping Report

2012 Scoping Report Appendices A-F

Preliminary Engineering Drawings- Conventional BART

Preliminary Engineering Drawings- DMU/EMU

Preliminary Engineering Drawings - Express Bus BRT.pdf

Program EIR Completed 2010

Draft Program EIR 2009

Final Program EIR 2010 (Comments and Responses)


Presentation to the BART Board of Directors- August 10, 2017

Dublin Public Meeting- August 29, 2017

Storage Yard and Maintenance Facility Presentation Oct 9, 2017

Board Presentation March 8, 2018

Board Presentation April 26, 2018

Board Presentation May 10, 2018

Board Presentation May 24, 2018

Alternatives Evaluation

Alternatives Evaluation Report (Updated May 21, 2018)

Alternatives Evaluation Outreach Report (Updated June 11, 2018)

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