Since 2010, the BART API ( has been a one-stop shop for BART:

  • Schedules;
  • Service advisories;
  • Fares;
  • Real time estimates;
  • Station information and more!

Two ways to get a BART API key

  • (1) No strings attached
    We won't make you register for BART open data. Just follow our short and simple License Agreement, give our customers good information and don't hog community resources: 


  • (2) Strings with benefits
    If you sign up for your very own key you'll still be able to access the API if the public key is refreshed. Plus you'll get change notices and other updates to keep your application running smoothly. 

Other Details

  • Keep your work up to date
    Things change. When they do we'll try to give you plenty of notice through the BART developer email list.
  • Don't use the official BART logo or system map
    Only we get to use official BART trademarks and copyrighted works to let customers know they're getting info directly from BART versus one of the tons of other places that use BART open data. (If you need a BART system map for your project, check out our editable App Map with a CC-By license).
  • Don't forget about us!
    Give us a shout out or a link back and let us know about the cool stuff you're doing.
  • What about help?
    Sorry: if we help you, it's only fair that we help everyone else, too. We simply don't have the resources for that, beyond our detailed documentation.
  • Plans for the future
    We're doing our best to add features, fix problems and keep BART developer services reliable. Drop us a line if you have any suggestions.