BART replacing traction power cable in Alameda County


BART replacing traction power cable in Alameda County

BART’s efforts to replace aging traction power cables is expanding in Alameda County. Work will be happening on various section of the trackway between the Coliseum and Union City stations to replace 34.5kV (kilovolt) cables that have come to the end of their design lives.  These electrical cables must be replaced to ensure reliable power for service and to make it possible to run more trains in the future. The new cables will also be used for traction power substation control and to monitor other vital BART assets. All told approximately 79,000 feet of cable will be replaced.

Work will happen on nights and weekends.  At times it will be necessary to reduce service to a single track to make way for workers and equipment. Delays are expected to range from 15-20 minutes.

The work will involve heavy equipment and is likely to create construction noise in the work areas. BART is taking steps to mitigate noise, but early work will involve building a retaining wall which will have piles that will need to be vibrated into the ground.

This infrastructure replacement work is made possible by Measure RR, which was approved by BART District voters in 2016 to provide $3.5 billion to rebuild the backbone of the system. The cable replacement work in Alameda County is expected to continue until early 2025.