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OIG Annual Report to the Legislature Fiscal Year 2021
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OIG Report of Activities July-September 2021
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Investigation Reports

November 12, 2021: Purchase Order Change Acceptable but Backend Programming Changes Are an Internal Control Weakness
November 12, 2021: Elected Official Social Media Use Does Not Follow Best Practices
August 13, 2021: Use of Existing Contract Acceptable but BART Double Paid for Some Delivery Services and Incurred Avoidable Customs Storage Fees
August 13, 2021: Misunderstanding of the NASPO Program Led to BART Making Purchases Without Proper Contracts in Place 
August 13, 2021: Circumvention of Procurement Rules Risks Disruption to Payroll 
August 13, 2021: BART Has Been Unresponsive to Police Retirees in Correcting Pay and Benefit Reporting Errors
August 13, 2021: BART Required DRIP Retirees to Return Property but Individual Noncompliance Occurred
August 13, 2021: No Evidence of Fraud but Employees Would Benefit from Training on Their Fiduciary Responsibilities
May 14, 2021: Valid Scores Used to Select Financial Auditor 
April 9, 2021: Special Compensation Reportable to CalPERS is Limited by Law
January 6, 2021: Unmanned Storeroom Access Procedure Is Outdated
October 29, 2020: BART Employment and Assignment of Relatives Policy Not Violated 
October 29, 2020: More Frequent Reviews of Dell Pricing Will Ensure BART Pays Less for Its Computer Equipment 
October 29, 2020: Bike to Wherever Day Another Victim of COVID-19 Pandemic 
October 29, 2020: Correct Candidate Selected, but a Better Process Is Needed to Identify Scoring Errors
October 25, 2019: BART Approved a Fixture for the M-line Tunnel Lighting Upgrade That Did Not Meet Key Contract Specifications.