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All BART stations have accessible elevators. In some stations you may need to use two different elevators to get from the street to the train platform level. If you arrive at a BART station and are unable to enter or exit the station because the elevator is not working, contact the Station Agent. They will help you enter or exit in another way if possible, or refer you to an alternate means of transportation such as a bus or Paratransit.

If you find out in advance that an elevator is not working at the station you want to go to, call the BART Transit Information Center to find out what transit alternatives are available to you. To check the status of elevator operation at any station, call (510) 834-LIFT or (888) 2-ELEVAT. In case of fire, do not use the elevators.

You can also sign up for elevator status alerts via email or text. The official BART app offers in-app notifications of BART elevator outage alerts based on selected stations, days of the week and timeframe of travel.

If you need to communicate with the Station Agent while inside the elevator, use the emergency telephone. If the Station Agent does not answer within 90 seconds, your call will be directed to BART Central Dispatch. If the emergency telephone is picked up for at least two minutes but there is no voice communication, BART will treat this as a call for assistance. This ensures that help is available to elevator passengers even if they are unable to speak.


  • S=Street level

  • C=Concourse

  • P=Platform (There may be two levels for platforms: UL=Upper Level and LL=Lower Level)

  • M=Muni (Muni system connected with San Francisco BART, but not all BART in San Francisco will have the connections)

Station Elevator Status: 510-834-5438 (LIFT) or 888-235-3828 (888-2-ELEVAT).


BART has identified specific options -- by station and elevator -- for riders to reach their destination if an elevator is out of service. These recommendations are based on reducing the amount of travel time it would add to a passenger’s trip. Options include:

  • Alternative elevator

    • If another elevator exists at the station that will take the rider to their desired location (e.g. street or platform) and is in service, the alternate elevator is always recommended as the passenger’s primary option

  • Backtracking

    • If a station has two platforms, each one with its own elevator, the rider may use the platform with the working elevator, even if it requires going in the direction away from their destination. Although this will add time to the rider’s trip, they can stay within the BART system and will not need to navigate a potentially unfamiliar transit or fare system. 

    • Boarding example: A rider who is boarding at San Leandro to go to San Francisco cannot go to the correct platform because of an out-of-service elevator. They go to the other platform and board a Dublin or Warm Springs train, disembark at Bay Fair, and board the San Francisco train there. 

    • Exiting example: A rider who is coming from San Francisco cannot exit the platform at El Cerrito Plaza due to an out-of-service elevator. They remain on the train until El Cerrito Del Norte and change platforms (using both elevators), board a San Francisco or Warm Springs train, and exit at El Cerrito Plaza on the other platform. 

  • Transit

    • If an alternate elevator or backtracking is not available, the next option available for a rider is to use bus transit to or from an alternative station. The outage option lists the transit operator and closest station. Rider and staff can also dial 511 or reference the BART App for transit information. 

  • Mitigation Trip

    • If an alternate elevator or backtracking is not available or the transit alternative requires excessive time, the next option available for a rider is to request a Mitigation Trip in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Passengers will need to inform a Station Agent or BART Customer Service (use the white call box) if they need a Mitigation Trip. Riders can request Mitigation Trips for other reasons, including:

      • Bus transit is not available because of location, time, and/or day; 

      • Traveling after dark; 

      • Bad weather; 

      • Traveling on the last train of the night; 

      • The designated transit waiting area feels unsafe; 

      • The rider is at the end of the line and backtracking or transit is severely limited or not available; or 

      • Other reasons at discretion of staff or rider. 

  • Mitigation Shuttle

    • In some cases, BART may decide to set up a Mitigation Shuttle to wait at a station and provide trips to and from a station with a working elevator. An example of when a shuttle might be set up would be a high-use station without backtracking or good transit options during peak commute hours. Riders can obtain more information about any Mitigation Shuttles from the BART Elevator Alerts or Station Agents.


BART has identified specific alternative options for riders to reach their destination if an elevator is out of service for the following stations:

12th Street Oakland City Center
Daly City
El Cerrito del Norte
El Cerrito Plaza
Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre
Powell St
San Francisco International Airport
San Leandro
South Hayward
Union City
Walnut Creek
Warm Springs/South Fremont
West Dublin/Pleasanton
West Oakland


Learn more about the accessible pathways of each station.

12th St. Oakland City Center
16th St. Mission (SF)
19th St. Oakland
24th St. Mission (SF)
Ashby (Berkeley)
Balboa Park (SF)
Bay Fair (San Leandro)
Castro Valley
Civic Center/UN Plaza (SF)
Daly City
Downtown Berkeley
El Cerrito del Norte
El Cerrito Plaza
Embarcadero (SF)
Fruitvale (Oakland)
Glen Park (SF)
Lake Merritt (Oakland)
MacArthur (Oakland)
Montgomery St. (SF)
North Berkeley
North Concord/Martinez
Oakland Int'l Airport
Pittsburg/Bay Point
Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre
Powell St. (SF)
Rockridge (Oakland)
San Bruno
San Francisco Int'l Airport
San Leandro
South Hayward
South San Francisco
Union City
Walnut Creek
Warm Springs/South Fremont
West Dublin/Pleasanton
West Oakland


All BART Stations have public white courtesy telephones near the elevator locations and through out the station at all levels  which will connect to a BART Station Agent or connect to the BART’’s Operating Central Center (OCC).