Community Resources

Victim Compensation(800)777-9229
Adult Protective Services(866)225-5277
After hours crisis hot line(800)231-4024
National Runaway Switchboard(800)Runaway
Alcohol/Substance Abuse/Detox 
Second chance homeless shelter/counseling(510)792-4357
Alameda County SOBERING Center/Cherry Hill (*medical clearance needed for patients with seizures, high blood, pressure Heart conditions)(510)346-7851
Child Abuse & Family Violence 
Child Protective Services(510)259-1800
A Safe Place, Oakland(510)536-7233
Emergency Shelter Program, Hayward(510)786-1246
SAVE, Fremont(510)794-6055
Child Protective Services(510)259-1800
Parental Stress Talk Line(510)893-5444
Seneca Group Home, Hayward(510)481-1222
Building Futures, Crisis Lines(866)292-9688
Family Advocates (Berkeley)(510)981-7610
Disability Services 
Center for Independent Living, Berkeley(510)841-4776
Community Resources for Independent Living, Hayward(510)881-5743
California School for the Deaf, Fremont(510)794-3666
Ethnic Minorities 
Asian Community Mental Health, Oakland(510)451-6729
International Institute, Oakland(510)451-2846
Spanish Speaking Citizens Foundation, Oakland(510)261-7839
Casa Del Sol (La Clinica de la Raza), Oakland(510)535-6200
Homeless Information 
Men's Shelter, Berkeley(866)960-1232
Berkeley Food and Housing Project(510)649-4965
Hayward Emergency Shelter(510)786-1246
FESCO Family Shelter (Men and Children)(510)581-3223
Eden Information and referral (Housing)(510)537-2552
A Safe Place, Oakland(510)536-7233
City Teen Ministries, Oakland(510)452-3758
St. Vincent DePaul, Oakland(510)451-7676
Second Chance homeless shelter/counseling(510)792-4357
Rape Crisis 
Bay Area Women Against Rape(510)845-7273
National Domestic Hotline(800)789-SAFE
Senior Information 
Alameda County(510)577-3530
Suicide Prevention 
North County(800)309-2131
Second Chance(510)792-4357
Miscellaneous Helpful Numbers 
Ashby Flea Market Office, 1937 Ashby Ave(510)644-0744
St. Vincent DePaul(510)877-9216
Emergency Shelter, Hayward(510)841-4776
Housing assistance center, North County(510)581-9380
Housing assistance center, South County(510)496-0496
Local Community Services (food, counseling, etc.)211
Shelter Reservation list311
Project Eden, Hayward(510)247-8200
California Youth Crisis(800)843-5200
National Teen Dating Violence Hotline(866)331-9474
Women's Crisis Services 
Women's Crisis Center(800)309-2131
Women's Daytime Drop-In Center, Berkeley(510)546-2884
Crisis Outreach Services Toll Free Number, North County(800)491-9099


Victim Compensation(800)777-9229
Alcohol/Substance Abuse Access(800)846-1652
Child Abuse & Family Violence 
Stand Against Violence (Woman's Crisis)(888)215-5555
Children's Protective Services(925)646-1680
Contra Costa Crisis Center(800)808-6444
Bay Area Rescue Mission Men's Facility(510)215-4860
Bay Area Rescue Mission Women's Facility(510)215-4868
Disability Services 
California School for the Deaf, Fremont(510)794-3666
Independent Living363-7293
Homeless Information 
Richmond Rescue Mission Corporate Office(510)215-4555
Rape Crisis 
Bay Area Women Against Rape(510)845-7273
Naitonal Domestic Hotline(800)799-SAFE
Senior Services 
West County(925)374-3943
Suicide Prevention/Intervention 
Contra Costa Crisis Center(800)833-2900
California Youth Crisis Line(800)843-5200
Naitonal Teen Dating Violence Hot Line (Love & Respect)(866)331-9474
Veteran Services 


Victim Compensation(800)777-9229
Help Line(415)772-4357
AIDS Information 
San Francisco Aids Foundation(415)863-2437
Alcohol/Substance Abuse 
Mobile Assistance Patrol (MAPS)(415)431-7400
National Council on Alcoholism(415)296-9900
Child Abuse & Family Violence 
La Case De Las Madres(415)503-0500
Woman's Inc(415)864-4722
Children's Protective Services (Abuse)(415)558-2650
Family Service Talk Line(415)441-5437
Family Service Institute (Stress Talk Line)(415)474-7310
Disability Services 
Indepedent Living Resources Center(415)543-6222
Lighthouse for the Blind(415)431-1481
California School for the Deaf, Fremont(415)794-3666
Ethnic Minorities 
La Raza Information Center(415)863-0764
Homeless Information 
Hamilton Family Shelter(415)409-2100
Raphael House Family Shelter(415)474-4000
Rape Crisis 
National Domestic Violence Hotline(800)799-SAFE
S.F. Women Against Rape Center(415)647-7273
Rape Treatment Center(415)821-3222
Senior Services(415)626-1033
Suicide Prevention Crisis Line(415)781-0500
Diamond Youth Shelter(415)567-1020
Huckleberry House(415)621-2929
Larkin Street Youth Center(415)673-0911
California Youth Crisis Hotline(800)843-5200


Victim Compensation(800)777-9229
Help Line Spanish(415)808-4444
Child Abuse & Family Violence 
Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse(800)300-1080
Men Overcoming Violence(415)626-6683
Child Protective Services(800)632-4615
24 Hour National Domestic hotline(800)799-SAFE
24/7 Hour Crisis Line for all ages(800)309-2131
Disability Services 
California School for the Deaf, Fremont(510)794-3666
Homeless Information 
Daly City Community Center(650)992-7348
North Peninsula Neighborhood Services Center(650)588-8822
Safe Harbor (Call ahead, requires officer to drop off at 295 N. Access Road, South San Francisco)(650)873-4921
*St. Vincent DePaul (Not a shelter, serves breakfast at 8 a.m., distributes clothing) 
340 Grand Avenue, South San Francisco & 50 B. St. San Mateo Local Community Services (food, counseling, and miscellaneous)211
Shelter Reservation List311
Rape Crisis 
Rape Trauma Service(650)652-0598
After Hours Crisis Hot Line(650)692-7273
National Suidide Prevention Hotline 
24/7 Crisis Line for all ages(800)309-2131
Teen Crisis Services 
California Youth Crisis Line(800)843-5200
LGBT National Youth Hotline(800)246-7743
National Suicide Prevention Hotline(800)273-8255
National Teen Dating Violence Hotline (Love & Respect)(866)331-9474