Riding bikeshare near 19th St BART station entrance

Measure RR General Obligation Bond:

Approved by voters in 2016, Measure RR authorized BART to issue bonds for $3.5B to rebuild the aging BART system through capital improvements. The General Obligation (GO) Bond includes $135M to deliver capital projects that would expand opportunities to safely access BART stations, of which $77M have tentatively been allocated to active access (walking and bicycling) projects.

The Opportunity:

BART has set aside $25 M of the $77M for the SR2B grant program. Up to approximately $5M in voter-approved Measure RR capital funds are available during the first SR2B grant cycle with funding ranging between approximately $500,000 and $1.5M per funding agreement. SR2B provides grant funding for construction only (which may include construction management).

Program Goals:

  • Project Readiness: Deliver near-term, enduring active access improvements to real property that demonstrate a clear nexus to a BART station.
  • Mode Shift: Expand opportunities to access BART stations with potential to shift people from driving and parking to walking and biking.
  • Partnership: Collaborate with local partners to create more sustainable communities.
  • Equitable: Provide equitable access for disadvantaged communities.
  • Customer Experience, Safety & Security: Enhance personal safety and security; add to passenger comfort and sense of place.
  • Complete communities: Promote Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)
  • Leverage: Leverage other funding sources to deliver improvements.

Program Eligibility

  • Project Sponsors must be public agencies from Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco counties.
  • Funds must be used for construction only (which may include construction management).
  • One project submission/BART station/applicant/cycle.

For more information about eligibility, visit our Call for Projects page or contact the Safe Routes to BART team at [email protected].

BART Board Updates:

February 27, 2020 Board Meeting: Link

Contact information:

For more information, please email the Safe Routes to BART team at [email protected]