Strategic indicator: Jobs and housing units near BART stations

Goal: Contribute to the region's economic competitiveness and create economic opportunities

BART owns an estimated 250 acres at 27 stations that could accommodate future development. BART partners with developers to advance construction of transit-oriented and affordable housing and commercial space on this property, in support of the goals of the Transit Oriented Development program including increased ridership, reducing regional solo driving and greenhouse gas emissions, and improving affordability.

In 2016, BART's Board of Directors set a target to develop 7,000 housing units and 1,000,000 commercial square footage on BART property by 2025. To achieve that target, BART needs to advance an average of 800 units and 110,000 comercial square feet per year.

Data reflect development that has been approved for lease or sale by the BART Board of Directors. For additional information, visit BART's Transit Oriented Development Page.