Strategic indicator: Crime on BART

Goal: Evolve to a premier safety culture for our workers, riders, and the public

To address crime on the BART system, the BART Police are mounting a robust campaign to recruit more officers and implementing new techniques including high visibility foot patrols and dedicated commanders for specific zones of the system. Our target is to reduce crimes to at or below 2 per million trips.

About this data

Data are collected by the BART Police.

Crimes against persons includes homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

For additional information:

The BART Police Department makes detailed information on crime available through the free website Enter a BART station name in the search box to see a map of crimes.

Additional safety and crime-related performance measures are published in BART’s Quarterly Performance Report including incidence of quality of life crimes (e.g. fare evasion, vandalism), automobile thefts, bicycle thefts, police response times, safety incidents, and injuries to BART workers.